Tooth Extractions in Ottawa

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Ottawa West Dental offers tooth extraction services including wisdom teeth removal, and denture preparation.

Why might I need a tooth extraction?

At Ottawa West Dental, we've recommended extractions for patients for many different reasons. Sometimes it's because of a tooth that is poorly positioned in a patient's mouth. In other cases, extractions are recommended to remedy badly decayed teeth, abscesses, serious gum disease or simply to prepare for orthodontic treatment.

What are wisdom teeth extractions?

Wisdom teeth start can start to erupt around the age of 20. Sometimes these teeth can come in and shift the other teeth in the mouth. Wisdom teeth may also be painful, or impacted and affect the mouth of the individual.

There are many reasons a dentist might extract your wisdom teeth. For example, if they are only partially erupted, or are growing in a way that is crowding the other teeth, we usually recommend extraction. Some other reasons to extract wisdom teeth include gum infection, tooth decay, and cyst formation.

Ottawa West Dental may recommend tooth extractions or wisdom teeth procedures if necessary for your treatment.

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