General Dentistry Services

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Our skilled, supportive team of dental care professionals deliver a comprehensive range of general dentistry services to effectively meet the needs of our patients, including: crowns and bridges, TMJ, and extractions.

General Dentistry Services, Ottawa Dentist

Dental Hygiene

Regular visits to your dentist for professional oral hygiene are important for maintaining a healthy smile as is regular brushing and flossing. Ottawa West Dental provides complete hygiene services to keep your smile healthy!  > Read More


Ottawa West Dental can help you with dental implants - giving you a long-term solution to replacing lost or missing teeth. > Read More

Gum Therapy

At Ottawa West Dental, we believe a healthy smile leads to a happy patient. That is why our dental hygienists help you prevent gum disease through early treatment. >> Read More

Root Canal Therapy

Trust the team at Ottawa West Dental with your root canal therapy appointment. > Read More

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ)

From headaches and persistent migraines to ear pain and more - Ottawa West Dental can help relieve symptoms of TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder). > Read More

Dental Crowns

Completely covering a tooth, a dental crown is a restoration technique to provide it with structure and support. > Read More

Tooth Extractions

Ottawa West Dental offers tooth extraction including wisdom teeth removal, and denture preparation. > Read More

Dental Bridges

You can trust the team at Ottawa West Dental to help fulfill your smile with professional dental bridges. > Read More

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