Digital X-Rays

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Ottawa West Dental uses digital and panoramic x-rays to create an overall picture of our patients' overall health.

What are digital x-rays?

Digital x-rays are different from traditional x-rays in the way that the image is stored. We are able to access your files quickly and with a single click. We are able to get a precise picture of your mouth which allows us to detect problems earlier, as well as monitor your progress.

Are digital x-rays safe?

Yes. While all x-rays produce some amount of radiation, the amount of radiation is very low. The Ottawa West Dental team will take every precaution to have our patients exposed to the least amount of radiation possible, including the use of a lead apron and taking x-rays only as necessary.

Why should I get a digital x-ray?

Dental professionals rely on x-rays to see things we cannot see with the naked eye during a visual examination. X-rays give us the ability to see and diagnose problems such as cavities, and damage to any bones that support teeth. Also, we can detect broken tooth roots, problems below the gum line, cysts, abscesses, tumours, and impacted teeth using digital x-rays.  

What are Panoramic x-rays?

Panoramic x-rays scan both the upper and lower jaws. It helps give the dental professional an overall scan of your oral health.  Panoramic x-rays are usually an important first step in setting up treatment plans for injuries or impacted wisdom teeth.

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