Laser Technology

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Ottawa West Dental dentists and dental hygienists use laser technology for both soft tissue cleaning, and for surgical purposes.

What can our dentists and dental hygienists do with laser technology?

A soft tissue laser is used by dental health professionals to treat gum disease, gum re-contouring, performing biopsies, removing lesions, reshaping gums, and disinfecting mouths.

Patients with periodontal disease can receive laser treatments to help eliminate bacteria and promote the growth of new, healthy tissue. Use of lasers in dentistry can reduce cutting, sutures, and incisions.

How does laser technology work?

Lasers give us control over the depth and extent of cutting, allowing the dental professional to perform the procedure with minimal bleeding. Lasers also help with sterilizing the treatment area. The light is efficient, and produces little heat, which can make it ideal for oral surgery.

It is very targeted and a precise technology.

What is the benefit of laser technology?

Laser technology has many benefits for the dentist, as well as the patient. You may experience shorter recovery time, and fewer complications with your dental procedure.

We use laser technology to support the comfortable and convenient treatment of our patients.

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